Dr. Gertraud Kinne


My name is Gertraud Kinne and I am your intercultural expert with focus on training, coaching and education. Moreover, as a trained psychologist, Ph.D. and certified business coach I am pleased to offer solution-focused online-coaching.

My experience abroad as an Assistant Professor in Psychology at the United Arab Emirates University motivated me to specialize on intercultural issues and to support people in dealing with diversity.

Please find my services below. Contact me for more information.

Dr. Gertraud Kinne, psychologist, coach and intercultural expert. Member of iMOVE - Training made in Germany.


Cross-cultural Training

Enhance your sensitivity for cultural diversity and improve your intercultural competence skills.

Business Coaching

Get solution-oriented and professional support for your professional and personal development.


Get site-independent and flexible support with online-coaching.


Facilitate online-learning and education with online-coaching and online-tutoring.