Dr. Gertraud Kinne

About me

Dr. Gertraud Kinne, Psychologist. Cross-cultural Training, Online-Coaching, Online-Learning.

My name is Gertraud Kinne. I am a trained psychologist, Ph.D. and a certified business coach with focus on positive psychology.

As an experienced psychologist I offer solution-focused business coaching for individuals and teams as well as trainings to reduce stress, improve selfmanagement skills and build resilience.

Moreover, I am an intercultural expert and consult, train and educate people in intercultural matters and in cross-cultural competence.

As a German national I have lived, worked and studied in Germany, Egypt (German Exchange Office) and the United Arab Emirates (Assistant Professor, Psychology and Counseling Department, UAE University). Moreover, I have worked for many years as a psychologist in health care, vocational orientation and as a lecturer in higher education institutions.

Education and academic qualifications

Ph.D. in psychology (University of Freiburg, original title: Dr. phil.)

Master in psychology (University of Konstanz, original title: Dipl. Psych.)

Certified Business Coach (Leadership Academy in cooperation with SRH University, Heidelberg, Germany)

Master and certified trainer in Trainer Culture Communication Skills®

Certified online-counselor (BDP)

License to work as an alternative non-medical practitioner in the field of psychotherapy


Expert in intercultural matters -Cross-cultural trainings and seminars - Business Coaching - Online Counseling & Online Coaching - Lectures in psychology and intercultural communication - Stressmanagement training


  • Bundesverband Deutscher Psychologinnen und Psychologen
  • Expert migration (European migration expert database)
  • Dr. Gertraud Kinne is a member of the iMOVE-Network