Dr. Gertraud Kinne

Customer Testimonials

"I like the topic very much. Thanks to Gertraud for this theoretical info on things we experience in our every day (business) life." - Annette.

"Really interesting presentation. The best we had in a while for me. Food for thought." - Helen.

"Thank you very much for an extraordinary relevant presentation." - Erin.

"Wow. It is fascinating to see how the research is changing how we can coexist in hopefully great ways. Thank you." - Lisa.

Guest book comments, English Speaking Women Network, Freiburg: "Diversity of the group was fantastic and brought a lot of learning", "Very well balanced between lecture information and experiences. We were able to leave with new learning experiences but are fresh and alert from all the participation and application of the learning.", "The course was excellent + highly useful. Please come back!"

Expatriate professionals, Intercultural Competence Training, Dubai: "The topic was very interesting and everybody told about his experience he or she made. What we've learned in this course is very important to everybody life, especially if we get in contact with other cultures.", "The concepts & theories presented helped me to understand & reflect upon my own experiences in intercultural settings.", "I really liked the exchange of personal experiences. They made the course lively and interesting. Great presentations and interesting topics."