Dr. Gertraud Kinne

Cross-cultural Training, Coaching and Education

Intercultural Competence

Intercultural competence is the result of intercultural learning concerning culture specific and culture general knowledge, reflecting attitudes and acquiring new social and intercultural skills. Hence, my cross-cultural trainings include a range of intercultural topics, based on research and first-hand experiences as well as interactive methods and exercises.

Cross-cultural Training and Coaching

Dr. Gertraud Kinne, Psychologist. Cross-cultural Training, Online-Coaching, Online-Learning.

My cross-cultural training and coaching provides customers with the necessary intercultural competence skills to communicate competently in an international environment and to benefit from cultural diversity. I create a pleasant and personal atmosphere thus allowing my clients to participate actively and to make new learning experiences. Customers value the high level of expertise, first-hand experiences and the personal support they receive in the training. The content and methods used in my trainings and seminars are well-founded, based on scientific results and customized according your specific training needs.

Lectures in Intercultural Communication

Dr. Gertraud Kinne - Lecturer European Integration Studies at the University of Applied Sciences Kehl

Topics: Intercultural communication - Differences between cultures and cultural taxonomies - Culture-specific values, customs and tradition - Cultural awareness training - Reflection of perception and cultural biases - Culture shock, re-entry shock, processes of adaption - Leadership styles, negotiations and decision making as well as business etiquette across cultures - Cooperation in international teams - Ethical dilemmas in intercultural encounters - Cross-cultural conflict management - Improving intercultural competence